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The goal of the Six Pence puzzle game is to have all of your tiles the same color or the same number. In difficult mode, there are no number clues so you will have to line up the colors. You do this by clicking on each button that you want to change.

In Six Pence, Clicking on a button will change that button by TWO steps, and it will also change each button that is directly above below, to the right, and to the left by one step. There are six steps, and the grid is six by six, hence the name Six Pence. The game is won once all of the tiles are the same number. They will also be the same color if they are the same number.

The number of steps you have moved in the Six Pence puzzle game is recorded and the percent complete is also recorded. Don't let that fool you because you may have to go back to get ahead!

Use Load a game to load one of the Six Pence puzzle game .pzf files from any directory.

Use Save a game to save the game as a Six Pence puzzle game .pzf file. This is useful if you are working on a puzzle or creating a new puzzle. This feature is only available in the registered version. Registration is only $5.

You can change the grid size from 6 x 6 to 5 x 5 and 4 x 4 if you wish, this will help with the playability of the game. If you load a puzzle that has been saved at a certain size, it will reopen in that size. You can change grid sizes in the middle of a game if you think it might help you!!!

Difficulty is set in one of two ways. Easy games have both the numbers and colors visible for the players. This makes it easier for the player to know where they sit in comparison to the other pieces on the board. Difficult version has only colors, and no numbers. This is a challenge even for the most advanced player.

Reset all is your standard go back to start button. It will go back to the begging of the puzzle, eliminating all moves, AND RESETING THE COUNTER.

Random - this sets all squares to a random number of moves to solve that you decide. All puzzles are solvable, no matter how difficult they seem. These puzzles are created by making a random number of back moves. This is helpful to learn how to play the game. In the registered version you will be able to use all of the random puzzle levels.

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